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Golden Retrievers

Anyone who knows us is aware that our two golden retrievers, Finley and Tucker, are a big part of our lives. As two people who love so many different outdoor activities, it couldn't be better for us than to live here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with two feisty dogs that never want to come inside! When we go off and spend a weekend camping, they're just as excited to go as we are.

Interestingly enough, both Finley and Tucker came from the same litter, and they are both around six years old now. We adopted them from a local shelter that found them as stray puppies and brought them in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had always wanted dogs, and one major reason that we specifically wanted golden retrievers is because Lori had one growing up, a very good-natured girl named Bailey. Many of Lori's favorite memories as a child were ones that involved Bailey, so it seemed like a perfect fit for our family. One of our hopes was that our two daughters would have similar experiences growing up with dogs as Lori did, and so far, it's working out that way!

Golden retrievers are a larger-sized breed of dog that makes an incredible pet, and they also often serve as disability assistance dogs, such as a guide dog for the blind or even a hearing dog for those who are deaf. They're also commonly trained to be hunting dogs as well as search-and-rescue animals! Our two in particular are the American type of golden retriever, which is typically more slender and less muscular than other types, like the British or Canadian golden retrievers. The American type of the breed also typically has a darker coat than the others.

We'll try to set our bias aside, but if you're looking to adopt a dog, it's certainly worth considering getting a golden retriever to become a part of your family. They're incredibly loyal, loving, and amazing dogs that you'll love spending every second with. Plus, they're great swimmers, too, which can be really fun if you love the outdoors like we do. Some of the best times that we have on our camping trips are those times spent in the water with our golden retrievers!

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