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Wood Working

My interest in woodworking came about when I was very young. Both my father and older brother were always getting involved in some type of project, whether it was around the house, in the yard, or on a car that needed a little extra work to get it back up and running. Being a younger boy, I wanted to be involved in everything. One of the best memories that I have from my younger years is building and painting a very large wooden bookshelf that I put in my room to put all of my favorite belongings on. Believe it or not, we built it so well and it looked so great that I still have it in my den to this day. It's one of those things that I'll always cherish: It has sentimental value because I made it with my family, and I also love it because it still looks great and remains durable to this day!

Without a doubt, my favorite aspect of woodworking is the fact that you can find a challenge, form a plan, and then bring that idea to life. For instance, recently, we finished the basement in our home and needed a new coffee table for the space. The need was there, so it was on to determining how the table would look and what it would take to make it, and then I was able to turn that idea into reality. There's no better feeling than finishing a big project that you put your hard work and sweat into and seeing it standing there before your eyes!

When I think of my favorite projects, a few come to mind, but one stands out above all of the rest. A few summers ago, I wanted to make more use of our big backyard and move all of our tools and such out of our basement, which was also being used for things other than my hobby. I wanted to make my own space, so I became engrossed in building my own shed in our two-acre backyard, so I could have a separate space to enjoy my work without getting dust all over the house. Since building my shed a few years ago, it's been an escape for me to go out there and work on something. In all honesty, I have so many projects in mind that it's a mystery if I'll ever get to them all or not, but I certainly aim to try!

It also needs to be said that none of these projects would be as fun as they are or come out as great as they do without a scroll saw. If you're into woodworking or looking to try it, it's a necessity. It makes everything much more accurate and faster than if you were to use anything else! While a scroll saw typically has a smaller cutting capacity, it's able to cut very precise patterns with small curves to make everything as perfect as possible. Get it: You won't regret it.

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